We know how to meet the needs of our commercial clients.

When it comes to trusting someone to repair, remodel, and maintain your office or industrial space, it is important to find the right balance of quality, reliability, price, professionalism, and - maybe most of all - a company that can get the job done without the need for your oversight and day-to-day management. Pitman Service Group has perfected that balance, and we can offer you two great options.

Handyman Services

We proudly offer commercial "handymen" services to the Roanoke Valley, Salem, and all surrounding areas (see our "Services" section for a complete list). We are set apart not only by our quality, reliability, price, professionalism, and results, but also by our size, wide range of abilities, and expertise. Our handymen can expertly diagnose and repair any problem you may encounter, and we can see to every detail without the need to sub-contract in almost every case. When you hire us, you know you'll get results without the hassle.

And, if you'd like to avoid those problems before they ever become problems, consider our maintenance services as well!


We're turning competition into collaboration.

Not only do we offer our top-quality handyman services, but we also operate as discrete sub-contractors on your job site. Your customers won't know we're there, but you will be glad we are! We have a fleet of unmarked vehicles that will blend into your job site, and we have provided our expert electrical and various contracting services to contractors all over the Roanoke Valley, often at prices lower than even their own operating costs for the same job.